Thursday, 3 December 2015

Oh distraction...though art a temptress!! - edited 03 December

Howdy folks,

A few months back, North Star Miniatures announced their most recent Nickstarter as an expansion to their Frostgrave game...while I did not buy into the original Nickstarter...I couldn't help but be somewhat taken by the expansion.  I'm not sure why, but I do like the various storylines behind the Lich King.

Without a doubt, my favorite storyline stemmed from a small online diversion by the name of World of Warcraft...yes, me to Julius...I did dabble in the realm for a small time and my favorite part of the WOW universe was definitely Northrend, the legend of Arthas, and his corruption by the Lich.  I had long ago left Northrend...I thought for good...but alas, North Star's supplement really got me re-hooked into the Lich.

Now depending on the forum, age group, and whatever random variables you can think of, the WOW  Death Knight character that came from their Lich King story was definitely a guilty pleasure of mine in the game.  With all of this in mind, and no idea of North Star's plans for the Lich or his servants, I was inspired to take one of my Teutonic Knights figures (unfortunately manufacture unknown...can't remember.  I just found the figures online...they are from Gripping Beast ) and turn it into my version of a WOW Death Knight.

I really tried to present a resurrected soul, serving the Lich, heralding from the Northern city...I intentionally put in a lot of blue hue colours to give a sense of frost and cold...I like the results, I hope it works.


Death Knight...bloodied and died in battle...

Death Knight...frost presence visible in his eyes and blade of his sword...


  1. Looks sweet, he seems to be up to no good for sure.

    Pretty sure this is one of the plastics from Fireforge games.

    1. Thanks Mike...I was rooting around a found another Teuton holding a standard...still can't remember the manufacture, but I know they are metal...the search continues...

    2. Ah well as long as you don't need to buy more you don't have to worry hah.

    3. haha...I never have to buy more...and yet...

    4. I just found them online...the Death Knight is from the Teutonic Knights Command blister by Gripping Beast...thanks google.