Friday, 4 December 2015

Some progress on the 'nam...Main Force Vietnamese

Howdy folks,

One of the many tasks that I had been procrastinating on was completing the basing for my main force Vietnamese guerillas.  Why you may ask? M' seems to be one of my strongpoints, lol.  Anyway, I thought I'd just get my progress out there in the online 'verse.

I'm pretty happy with how everything turned out...the flock and colours look great and I think they could fit in pretty much anywhere in the well, the army painter jungle clumps look really cool...and, I'm getting much better at using them.


The overall force so far...not enough for some Flames of War, but I think enough for a game of FoF Ambush Alley...

The Battalion command with recoilless rifles...

First 'company'...RPG teams with AK-47 teams...more to come!!

Second company...just the RPG teams so far.