Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The Vietnamese Peoples Heavy Metal...PAVN 76's

Howdy folks,

A couple weeks back I was able to finish off a 5 tank company of PT-76 amphibious tanks that I plan on using for Flames of War and Force on Force.  They will work very well with some Main Force or North Vietnamese Regulars.

They painted up very nicely...didn't take too long.  If I recall correctly, I sprayed them in flat black and then took Vallejo 924 Russian Uniform as their base coat.  I didn't bother shading the 924 down, but instead, after looking at the Battlefront painting guide in the Tour of Duty book, I took a 50/50 mix of Vallejo Russian Uniform and Desert Yellow (917...?).  I really liked how it came out...I did the standard gunmetal with the tracks and then hit them with Flat Earth, a wash of Strong Tone, and then US Tan Earth.

I think that covered it nicely.

Take care...enjoy the pics.


  1. Those look good. I think they look better in the green colour than my Egyptian ones do in the tan colour.

    1. Thanks Duncan...I forgot that they were in the Egyptian lists.