Monday, 29 February 2016

The Laws a Coming...Battle Report: Dead Man's Hand

Howdy partners,

A somewhat belated battle report from a Dead Man's Hand afternoon that I had over at Mikes a couple of weekends ago...Mike got the drop on me with his battle report.  We had 3 gangs that day, Mike had his Outlaws (although, they didn't ride into town until game 3), Duncan had some Pinkertons (a new gang to the DMH frontier), and I had my Bandits.

The linked scenario was 3 games...first game, the Bandits try to ambush a couple of Pinkertons as they enter town, second game, the bandits try to knock over the local bank, and game 3, the Pinkertons try to hold back a combined Outlaw/Bandit onslaught as they are outnumbered roughly 2:1.

As before, DMH plays fairly fast, we went through 3 games in about 3-4 hours...the 'scenes' set-up easily for a pretty fun game.  I got a few shots of game 1...totally forgot about game 2...and got a few more for game 3...


Game 1
The Pinkertons arrive in town, scoping out the lay of the land as they exit the stagecoach near the Saloon...
A couple of Bandits don't really like the law coming into town, so they set to ambush them...

Bandito Jose takes a long look down main street with his repeater ready to back-up the Drifter...
The Drifter runs into close contact...point blank range...lets loose a couple of shots...Pinkerton down. 
The other Pinkertons put bullets downrange at the Drifter...he falls in a hail of buckshot and bullets.
Game 1 is over...
Game 2
This game, the Bandits try to make it out of Dodge with 3 sacks of cash from the local bank...this was very promising in the beginning as 2 of the Bandits were within 1 turn of the tables edge, but were put down by a Pinkerton with a looking glass, long barrel, and a steady 2 went to the Pinks.
Game 3
Making to settle a score, the Bandits telegraph some help...the Outlaws arrive into town fresh from the train...they aim to misbehave. 
Being clean cut and handy...the Pinkertons decide to mill about the local Hardware store instead of the Saloon...they end up using this building as their Alamo...the siege is about to begin... 
More Bandits...ready for a fight, looking for trouble...they come into town to the right of the Pinks...Outlaws to their left...its gonna get hairy.
By the time of these pictures a whole bunch of action has taken place...the Outlaws quickly move in from the train station, they use the Stagecoach as a staging point and cover...the Bandits zigzag their way to the solid wall of the store...a couple of them head over to the water tower behind the store and gun down a Pinkerton sniper...short work and payback for the bank heist.  Shotgun Zeke, looking very classy with his top hat, jumps out of cover of the wall, tries to shoot both barrels and is felled by the Pinks...Bandito Pancho, looking smart in his Green mariachi attire puts a bunch of rounds into the store window and door. 
The Outlaws continue to press on the left of the store...the Bandits let the Outlaws bleed a little, but also set up in cover.
Pancho runs closer to the store, lets loose some rounds, takes a couple of hits...Navajo Joe, springs from cover and puts some pressure on...Confederate Boss Jeb runs up to the window and puts a full stream into the store at point blank... 
Tight quarters for the defenders... 
Overhead shot...get it...'shot'...punny, no? You can see the disposition of the Pinkertons inside the store, Outlaws on the left, Bandits on the right...
More Bandits come in from the water tower, covering the Pinks on three sides now...being bold, the Pinkertons move out and engage the Bandits from the smaller backroom...with success
This is the overhead of Confederate Boss Jeb...strutting into the store after taking out the last know what this means?!?
Bandits win...Mike drew a card...Jeb draws an 8...8 points of damage on the Outlaw 3 goes to the Bandits.