Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Team Yankee: Soviet Starter box

Howdy folks,

I've been making my way into this Team Yankee craze...I've gotten a few games under my belt...I've got some ideas for what I want to collect...I've even picked up some Cold War gems to read for extra inspiration and possible scenario writing...and

I've finally finished the starter box!! Very happy to get this done.  The biggest difference with the new plastics for me is the extra time I need to assemble everything.  With the standard resin models there was always some degree of prep time...however, with all the great detail these models have, there must be some trade-off...and so, many layers of skin were given towards the assemblage of these models.

To be quite fair...bitching aside, between the X-Files and Lucifer the other night, I did manage to assemble a box of BMPs with little injury to my digits.

Anywho, I did struggle somewhat with the colour scheme for my T72's...after reading First Clash, I elected to go with a dark green scheme for my Sov Guards...the Hinds were primarily Russian Uniform with Desert Yellow ala some pics I'd seen of Mi-24's painted around early 1980's.

I am happy with the results...I like the variance...please enjoy...any advice is always welcome.


The starter box...9 x T72...er, actually 10...thank you product delay! I will gladly exchange 2 weeks of patience for a free T72! Tanks plus 2 x Mi-24 Hind
The boss...Formation Commander for Guards Tank Battalion
So far, 10 T72's of doom...I plan to add a few more to the fray in the future, but so far have them organized to 1 x Formation commander, 1st company: 5 x T72; 2nd company: 4 x T72

and a Gunship Assault Company with 2 x Mi-24 Hinds...at the moment I envision adding 2 more...maybe 4 along with some soldat's for an Air Landing Company


Duncan said...

Those look really good!! The mud adds a lot.

I managed to get mine to solid green (yellow for the helicopters) on the weekend. I hope to finish at least some of them off this weekend

Stan M. said...

Thanks Duncan...good work on progress, I'm in the process of putting the BMP horde together...

Duncan said...

How many BMPs did you get?

I am hoping to get what I have done now finished before the rest arrives!!!

Unknown said...

Awesome work on those! Do the flight stands come with the boxed set?

Stan M. said...

I picked up 2 boxes from FDB...almost done putting them together...smoke dischargers next

Stan M. said...

Thank you Wally...yes they do.

Mike_A said...

Very nice!

Stan M. said...

Thanks Mike