Monday, 1 February 2016

Batt Rep - Team Yankee...maybe a little more like Red Army...

So I had the chance to give Team Yankee a try with Mike last week...I must say I had a great time with the rules (thanks to Mike for doing the heavy rule thinking) and the game flowed very well and the changes sure felt like they forced a fairly mobile battle.  Because the rules seemed to make for a fairly slick and mobile battle, we were able to get 2 games in that night.

Mike beat me to the punch and put up his version here.  Now, as the comrade on that table please allow me to use this battle report to tell the real truth, not that Americansky bullshevik!!

Game 1
So I was actually rolling pretty hot that night...we elected to play the 'free for all' mission and that meant that both our formations were moving (no gone to ground, all considered to be at the move, reserves).  With the new rules, there really isn't much difference in rate of fire for on the move or at the halt...there are some stabilizer nuances in place for different weapons systems.
So I rolled well and got my choice of table edge...I elected to come in on the more 'tree-ey' side of the table, leaving the fields and a couple of buildings for Mike...I did not want the copse on my right flank to benefit his deployment.
Soviet and US deployment.  Hinds on right flank, small T72 company in the mids, larger T72 company on the left flank with Formation commander.  Mike had a platoon behind the buildings, commander in the grape fields, and second platoon in the wheat fields facing my Hinds.

Soviet deployment

Better view of US imperialists...

First turn, helicopters can pretty much move wherever they want with unlimited movement.  My Hind flight immediately took station at the back of german village in clear view of US platoon on the objective.  They dodged AA, fired ATGM, scratch 1 x M1...side armor is half of the front armor value.

Another picture, just because it looks impressive...big bad Hind taking care of business...

This platoon was 2 x M1...taking casualties they were at half strength...forced to take morale test...failed, first US platoon left the field...105s between their legs.  Second platoon moves from the wheat field to open range to engage my smaller T72 company as they moved towards the left flank.

M1 vs. T72...shots exchanged, burning M1 in the open field, bailed out crew in the second and the third M1 is good to go.

My larger company continues push to german ville...

More contact between the M1 platoon and the Hind flight...Mi-24 down...but, if I recall correctly the second platoon was taken out by combined ATGM and 125mm gunfire.

Bannon bravely rushes the objective to contest and shootout and Deutsche did not go well for him...he is felled by multiple hits from T72 company.  Game 1 to the Motherland...

Game 2

This time Mike elected to trade 1 x M1 for a flight of Cobra gunships...they took station behind centre of german ville.  I elected to push my Hind's to left flank with rest of troops pretty much same deploy as game 1.  My smaller company deployed further on the right to take advantage of the forest cover.

IIRC I went first dice...I pushed my Hinds to Mike's left flank (the larger platoon), I pushed my small company towards the field with tactical move so they could still fire.  I pushed my larger company one tactical move towards the ville and the copse of trees between the ville and the hill. 

Mike is getting some 105 rounds on target this time and I have 3 burning T72's on the left Hinds have taken another M1 and I have a burning T72 on the right flank.

The Hinds reposition at right middle edge of the table and take some sideswipes at the M1's...missiles on target, M1's down...I like this picture cause you can see the smoke plumes in the distance from the engagement on the left flank.
overview of the furball... 
Definitely the stars of the show...the Hinds watch across the plain at their handy larger company with half losses elected to stay in the field and continued to hammer the M1's...this worked as it caused Mike to take a couple of morale checks...which he did 2 to the brave children of the workers paradise.



  1. Good looking game - love the flame markers!

    1. They certainly add a great look to the carnage.


  2. Nice report. I like the Hind view shots, even thou no rotors hah!

    1. haha...stealth hinds...

      thanks Mike.

    2. And to be truly more accurate, the enormity of their smugness is capable of generating much more lift than any mere rotor could...

    3. You are going to make me paint some warthogs for Sunday aren't you. Then we will see who has the biggest er.. Plane..

  3. Great report -- I didn't even notice the rotors missing until Mike pointed it out