Wednesday, 17 February 2016

A little Vietnam...and a bit of an experiment

Howdy folks,

If you've been following, you'll probably notice a lot of attention lately on the Cold War...not only has Battlefront gotten into this era, but Ambush Alley Games put out their Cold War Gone Hot book a little while back.  The best part about this is the TY (Team Yankee: Cold War ala Battlefront) plays fast and quick at the Combat Team level...and FoF (Force on Force: Cold War Gone Hot ala Ambush Alley) plays a more defined scenario and force structure at the platoon-ish level...

The best part is that I know have two great rulesets that can play the same figs...outstanding!!

With this line of thought and the reality that Battlefront is having some supply chain issues, I was looking forward to fielding some Anti-Aircraft units but they are not yet available...I'm not pissing and moaning, I actually don't mind the limited release, saves the pocket a little, lets me paint what I have...and possibly allows for a much stronger Canuck dollar (aka might cost a little less).

Anyhow, I looked at the SA-13 and it's vehicle and my research indicated that the vehicle was heavily inspired by the PT-76 amphibious tank chassis.  Soooo, I thought, hey I could get 2 birds, 1 stone if I paint up some of my NVA 76's and then jury rig an air defence here are two 76's finished, followed up by an initial shot of 2 AA SAM masts built out of plasti-card and BF bits.

If nothing else, I'll be able to have the SAM platforms fit in real well as an improvised weapons platform for my Tomorrows War environment.


2 x PT-76 Amphib Tanks for the North Vietnamese Army...these actually painted up quite nicely only taking me a couple of hours from base to final inks and decals...pretty quick for me.

Only 3 more to paint for the platoon/company and I have enough for my VC/PAVN troops as well as enough to put towards a Long Vei scenario.

Improvised Air Defence...
Basically, 2 plasticard bases that sit on 2 Canadian pennies...the pennies fit the turret holes very well so the mast won't slip around.  I filed the edge so that I didn't scratch up the paint work, clipped the edges to give a BSG pseudo sci-fi look...and it fit better that way. 
I then took a couple of external T-34 tanks, a couple of plastic bits from one of BF's boxes for the front of the platform...plastic tubing for the mast, cast off searchlights from BF's Israeli Centurians, some Stuka Zu Fuss rocket boxes and mounting pieces...built them all up and...
voila...pseudo SA-13...can't wait to see how it paints up.


  1. The mast looks really good! It should help keep Mike's A-10s at bay.

    I am hoping the SA-13 with my infantry and the ZSU 23-4 will meet my AA needs until the proper model comes along

    1. Thanks Duncan...apparently the Sov AA support releases end of March...till then, looks like DIY anti-air.