Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Legion Update

Howdy all,

I hope summer is treating you all well...we're starting to get some interesting weather on this side of the continent and certainly hitting some high temps.  Although, from what I see on the Weather Network, others are definitely feeling the heat.  Anyway, I have nonetheless tried to keep a steady pace on the workbench...and I finally have the time to post up some progress that I made leading into summer on my Legion 'lead' pile. 

The main challenge was trying to get black to show well enough without 'graying' it out too much...and for the troops, I wanted to get a high degree of variety amongst the figures to keep going with that 'tatooine militia' theme that I started with.

I hope you enjoy the pics, I'll leave various words with a few of the pics...thanks for the views.

My main inspiration for the Emperor was the box art and some screen caps from Return of the Jedi...I found it tricky getting the black and shades of black right.  I really didn't want to over dilute them with gray, but needed to try to get a decent highlight.  With that, I also had a brief internal debate on how to base him...all of my figs to date are based around 'tatooiney' type terrain...but I couldn't picture the Emperor lowering himself to hit the field himself...so I kept it very RotJ and very DeathStar shiny floor...

The worst part of taking pictures is trying to get the detail in the pic the same to what I see...I really like how the figure turned out...it painted up super quick...I like the gnarled cane, there are some great detail lines in his face and hands...I'll try to get better pics next time.

Tatooine Militia...the second squad/section...I really enjoyed painting these figs up...to make them stand out from the heavy brown/tan/desert looking first section I went with some hollywood 80s inspiration...
thank you "Tatooiiiinnne Wolveriiiiinnes"...

My inspiration for this section was Hoth and my impatience for FFG to release the Rebel Snowtroopers...also, at this point I had painted up 2 sections for a desert based force...and I thought, why not Hoth...they could certainly find a place as support troops, installation troops, 'rear echelon' types...any of those.
Going with this theme, the decision on how to paint them was too easy...I relied heavily on screen caps from Empire and box art from FFG.  I adapted the clothing and colours, tried to make sure they looked really really cold...and I have to say, I am very happy with how they turned out.

2019 Expedition up Mt. Lead.

28mm          23 (+15)
15mm          3

 Bought:       1 (+1, emperor)

Progress:   +25


  1. HA! Tatooine Wolverines! That's great!

    Honestly, I am so tired of all the mash-ups going on these days - it's like new ideas have completely run out, so let's add zombies to everything and mash it all up with every imaginable bit of nostalgia from the 80s... but for some reason, Tatooine Wolverines genuinely made me chuckle! (maybe because it kind of rhymes...?)

    1. Thanks Tim...I guess I'll scrap any plans for that horde of zombie Bothans I was planning, lol. Not sure what made me go towards Red Dawn, but yeah...the rhyme totally seals the deal. Thanks and take care.

  2. Love the paint jobs! Very inspiring work. Thanks for sharing them.

    1. Thank you Irish! I'm glad to finally get some pics posted. Thanks for the look.

  3. Very nice, quite like that 1 green dude in the Militia hah.

    1. Lol...thanks Mike, eventually I'll have enough of a complete force painted up we can run them at your place...yes, you can use the green dude.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Duncan...I just have to get some support units done and we can have a proper game!