Friday, 24 April 2015


Howdy folks,

I recently jumped into finishing up a project that I started in much anticipation many many years ago...I was a bright eyed, wet behind the ears gamer with visions of German Airborne troops dropping from above...that was about 7 years ago, lol...

In my haste and keenness I bought the Fallschirjager company box and a bunch of support blisters...I prepped them with care and then like many little soldiers they hurried up and waited.  A few years back I started doing some proper painting on them and then was distracted again.  This past Christmas I made an effort to not only get them painted but to also get them based.

Using some inspiration from various Flames of War postings as well as a very great Ortona section at the Canadian War Museum I now had a way forward.  For this post I have some of the Headquarters elements and one of the combat platoons.  I just have to finish the bases on the recoiless rifle platoon and the pioneer platoon...more to follow in the future on them.

Anyhow, enjoy the pics...views and advice are greatly appreciated.

 Company Headquarters - Commander and 2ic

Company Commander Iron Hans

Pretty Klaus - Hardcore company 2ic

Warrior Von der Hydte

  Company Headquarters - Mortars

Company Headquarters - Sniper teams

Combat Platoon


  1. They look really good. I have to take a look at the Ortona exhibit again as I am going to paint my 28 mm Canadians for Ortona

    1. Thanks's a great little section...not alot of space but very well done nonetheless.

  2. Really like the basing on these guys, very much evokes monte cassino

    1. Thank you Zoring...there is a lot of inspiration to be had from the Italian campaigns...actually the first time I fielded these guys they were unfinished...but they fought in our groups Cassino campaign.