Sunday, 12 April 2015

Panzers Up...

Howdy folks,

Thought I'd try to catch up on my posts this weekend...I haven't been on the computer much of late, however I have been hitting the workbench.  This weekend I finished up my first SAGA unit, a four man Crusader Hearthguard, last weekend I finished up five Panzer IV H's, and the weekend before last I finished up my first attempt at Battlefront plastics, three Stug's from the Open Fire box.

The plastics worked out pretty good for was a bit different to get used the moment I'm not sure yet if prep work is easier with plastics or not...but we shall see in the future.  For me, the Open Fire box was a great deal! Three platoons of infantry and nine vehicles for a very low prize is a great motivator.

The Panzer IV's are from the older metal box from a few years ago that I bought in anticipation of one of our campaigns.  My painting speed was certainly not up to having them ready in time and I thought I'd get them prepped for our next campaign.

Finally, I have to admit that this post is also thanks in part to my buddy Duncan's comment to my Crusaders that he's having a tough time staying motivated with all the SAGA posts he's seen from the community of late... are my Stugs and Panzers.  Enjoy the pics, any questions you may have are always welcome.  Critique and advice are always helpful.


The Panzer IV H...
The commander...battle damaged and prepped to go...
Panzer IV with random off coloured schurtzen to replace those damaged beyond repair 
The 2ic...or platoon commander (when my other box is done)...painted up in SS pea-dot camo.  Panzer is a little worse for ware but still truckin along... 
Group shot...they'll work as a platoon for now and then be part of a Panzer IV platoon when the other box is done. 
Open Fire Stugs...Stug commander 

Stug #2... 
#3...just a little scratch ...harder to model damage in plastics...
Group shots...
picture without flash...
picture with flash... 


  1. Thanks for the post!

    I have just finished priming some Pz IV Hs and Pz IV/70s as well as all my Bolt Action 28mm Germans, I figure if I start in on the actual painting later today I should have enough enthusiasm to finish them up by the meeting next week (although I am not sure if I will use them or go for lots of infantry).

    The Open Fire box is a great deal (though maybe less so since I haven't actually done anything with mine yet!)

    1. I feel some of your pain...not sure to push treadhead or go hard infantry...

  2. Excellent paint job Stanley!

    1. Thank you Phil...I saw a couple of great pics of some eastfront Pz IVs which helped inspire the painting.


  3. Really gritty battle damage, nicely done! Some of the more realistic depictions of actual combat units in mini form, I feel :)

    1. Thanks Ragsta...I was partly inspired by a Stug that they have at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa. It's painted up well, but they also kept the battle damage that the vehicle originally had.

      I'll try to post some pics of it another day...cheers.