Sunday, 19 April 2015

Minor dilemma's...Air Cav

Howdy folks,

I'm trying this post from my iPad, so bear with me:

I thought I'd look to the community to get some advice...I have recently finished the last of my grunts for my Air Cavalry force.  At the moment I am in the final stages of basing the troops and am unsure how to progress...I have used a lot of colours on the base to represent foliage colour but I'm uncertain whether to flock or not?

Thoughts? Here are a couple of pics of where I'm at...they are a little yellowed from the lighting and camera, but hopefully they'll help.

Thanks and take care.


  1. In my opinion yes you should do some flocking, maybe just leave more of the base uncovered then you usually would so you can still see lots of the other colors.


    1. Thanks main fear is covering everything up, so I will trial it tonight.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Barks...I'll be sure to post my progress...the popular vote is really pushing me to flock...kinda thought I'd go there but needed to get some outside thoughts. Cheers.

  3. Here and there should give it some depth - maybe some tufts of grass and scrub rather than mass flock?

    1. Thanks Ragsta...because I'm worried about obscuring everything I like the idea of not mass flocking...thanks for the scrub idea. Cheers.