Monday, 5 June 2017

Imperial Assault - STORMTROOPERS!!!

Howdy folks,

Keeping with my new found momentum, I thought I'd post my latest progress with my Imperial Assault painting project.  I most recently finished up Agent Blaise as part of my Rogue Stars mercenary crew...and so I thought I'd try my hand at more Stormtroopers.

I took a few from the core box and also one or two from the Stormtroopers Villains Pack and have a mixed pose section of troops.  I like the poses that are currently available...and I'm sure as any gamer/painter, it would really be great to see a few more, but hey, it could always be worse.

My intent is to have these figures painted up for Imperial Assault, and then to also organize them into some section/squad based along the way, I ended up deciding on a basing scheme and went back and repainted the base for Kayn Somos...the first batch of Stromies will follow this basing...and then in the future when I've completed more of the core set, I will buy the expansion box that has the Heavy Troopers and split them amongst 2 sections...and for easing my brain, I plan on having a different basing scheme for each squad...

Of course, in the future I could definitely see spinning these figures into a Tomorrows War or Rogue Stars setting.

So with that, here are the pics.

The first can see leader Kayn Somos on the left, base painted up using Vallejo's Desert Yellow as the base undercoat and then using Citadel's Agrellan Earth on the top to get the mudflat my head it gives me the impression of being on know, pretty much the ass end of the universe.

Trying a different angle and a flash...random piece of terrain in the background that I'm working on... 

Attempt without a flash...getting used to my phone's camera... 

Overhead shot of the different poses...some blaster damage on the helmet... 

Overhead of the section in action... 

Close up shots... 

Painting so far in 2017:

28mm - 50
15mm - 5

28mm - 53
vehicle - 1

15mm - 0
vehicle - 7
Overall PROGRESS: -6


  1. Nice work! I like the blaster damage and the scenery as well

    1. Thanks Barks. I got the blaster damage idea from Sorastro and his youtube videos. I'm pretty happy with the end results.