Thursday, 4 May 2017

A Royal May the Fourth

Hello Everyone,

Happy May the Fourth to's a fabulous rainy night here with hopefully no one getting flooded out...we are in the midst of the highest water levels we've had in about 20 years...recalling the Saguenay floods back then, it's pretty wild to think of a repeat in Eastern Ontario.

As you may recall, my last post was bemoaning my first world problem and Imperial Assault...but also with a preview of the first four minis that I painted up...I currently have a half dozen stormtroopers on the bench.

However, as the title says, this is a royal for you internet fans and in the interest of keeping this a very quick post...I leave you, the Royal Guard.

Take care and may the fourth be with you.

The preview shot from my last post...

a much more level frontal profile shot...I don't think I've ever painted a completely red figure before...and I was kind of surprised the amount of orange that I mixed in to get the lighter was a good test and learning experience.

Overhead shot of the guard...with the bases I painted them black and then added a stippled line of grayish white to give the appearance of overhead light.  I had seen this from some Return of the Jedi production pics in the Death Star hangerdeck, so I wanted to try to replicate.  Looking at the movie again, I saw that the headdress of the guards was shiny so I used Citadel 'Ardcoat on their headdress and the 'deck' floor to give it that matte works well...and adds a nice affect to my simulated overhead light.
another frontal shot with the flash on...really shows the orange hue to the tone...

Last shot is a profile can see a nice reflection in the base with that 'ardcoat layer...


Bob Barnetson said...

Nice; I love using the different finishes to make the helmets and the fabric look different.

Stan M. said...

Thanks Bob. The pics sealed the idea on the different finishes, I definitely got the idea from Sorastro. Cheers.