Monday, 29 May 2017

Cangames 2017 - Force on Force on Ambush Z

Hello everyone,

Another Cangames installment...this time, Force on Force with a little bit of Ambush Z thrown in to liven up the gaming table.  For me, playing FoF at Cangames on Sunday afternoon has definitely become a tradition.  It generally means the same regular cast of folks, gaming over a modern scenario, blowing off steam, chucking feces (figuratively of course), and having a good time.

The flipside to this...we do attract a crew of onlookers and collect other folks along the way who want to give moderns and FoF a while it may 'crowd' in on the 'normal' group, it is also a great chance to promote the ruleset (definitely one of my favourites).

So, as of last Cangames, we had the SS Grozny drifting after the crew abandoned the vessel, after the Special Ops exfilled the vessel following their rescue, after the pirates abandoned the vessel, AFTER the discovery of non-aligned zombies...

Little Birds extract Tier 1 operators, the Pirates depart on their mother ship, the Grozny lists away...crewless, infested with Zombies....
This year, it has surfaced that the SS Grozny, still loaded with sea containers carrying special cargo and advanced military weapons and...nothing else (those were only rumours about Zombies...and everyone knows, Zombies only exist on TV)...has mysteriously shown up at the Mombasa dockyards.
The quiet beachtown was not expecting its arrival...let alone the washing up of sea containers and rescue craft from the Grozny...the Kenyan police carefully approach the vessel (you can see them on the left) and begin their inspection of the ship
Hearing of the arrival of the Grozny, the one that got away...from lesser Pirates, that is...a local insurgent group is organizing to take the vessel and its cargo for themselves.  Seeing the rescue craft on the beach, they also hear rumours that there are western scientists hiding in the ville.
US Special Operations Force troops infiltrate into the village...approaching the main building they receive intel that the scientists are being held on the second level by a local gang... 
Another team of Tier 1'ers infil from the sea, storming the beach seeking cover behind a small warehouse by the road...they line up and prepare to run across the breach in the seawall staying low to get to the Grozny as quick as possible...insurgents in the red garage (hotspot 3) try to take potshots at them without luck...
The police make it up to the ships deck...they heard reports of suspicious containers and begin a contraband search to secure the containers...suddenly Zombies appear and rush the policeman...the policeman scramble to the top of the containers to try to get to safety.  They successfully take out about half of the Zombies before they fall to their relentless melee attacks. 
At the same time, SOF push the breach at the seawall and push to a container on the shoreline...the team on the shoreline falls under intense fire...the seawall team are mostly unscathed.  By this time, the initial team has been supplemented by another sniper team and has rescued the scientists...they are methodically putting sniper and overwatch fire onto the closest hotspots whittling down the insurgents. 
Throughout the game, the insurgents draw numerous Fog of War cards after failing TQ tests...this results in US reinforcements, Zombies being upshifted to D10's, low supplies, and swiss cheese walls...not to mention, their rolls on the escalation table (to receive more reinforcements) are consistently failing...
The US team is very cautious, and it is working very well for them...they are making very good die rolls and are making objective points as they go along...for new comers to the game they are catching onto the mechanics very well... 
The end result, an American and Kenyan victory...multiple containers were secured, the scientists were rescued and secured, and there were minimal casualties from Zeke.
The Insurgents...many TQ tests were failed, many FOG cards drawn...many many many casualties from the SOF and from Zeke.  Not my best game...but probably not my worst, lol.
Take care.


  1. Two things I would do differently if I were to run this again. Firstly I would have let the insurgent side move freely in their phase at the end without checking and secondly the setup should have had the zombies be either more between the 2 groups or more random.

    And not allowing the zombies to escalate so quickly.

    1. I think you're right well, for the insurgents you could have auto reinforcements and then TQ for movement.

      Always good to FoF though...