Thursday, 25 May 2017

Cangames 2017 - 'Random' Tables

Hello everyone,

I hope all is well with folks.  This past weekend in Ottawa, the annual CanGames convention was held.  I was in a pretty unique situation in that I was flying solo as the family was out of town...though, that is to say, I've been a steady attendant of the Con since I discovered its existence back in 2008.

Now a couple of my fellow gamers have already beat me to the if you want to see some other post-convention write-ups, please check out:

Mike's post - games he ran...
Mike's second post - games he played...
Terry's post - Cangames, the weekend

So, as the post title says...this is my post of random gaming tables that I saw over the weekend.  Some of them, I had the opportunity to check out more than once...and some I was only able to get a pic or two.

With that...I hope you enjoy the pics...I will have a couple of follow-up posts of the games that I played over the weekend.  NOW THE PICS!!

I believe this game was called had a cool looking multi-deck ship...

A Cangames staple...David Redpath's Bandits 2 ruleset...this scenario was an Egyptian/Soviet attack on an Israeli facility 

If you've looked at the links above, you'll already recognize this as Mike's Epic Armageddon game

Giving version 4 a shakedown, one of the fellows from the Ottawa Miniature Gamers ran a Flames of War desert theatre game...a large scale tank on tank battle pitting the Italians against the British...

Another one of the gents from the OMG Club ran a Great War game using Flames of War's ruleset, but he instead ran it in was a very good looking table with trenchlines and shattered ville's and a bunch of troops and a few tanks...

Fleet on Fleet action at Leyte Gulf...I believe this was a homebrew ruleset...

I believe this is a D&D Monster Mash run by one of the local groups...IIRC this is from the 'Red Shirt Society'...great looking table...I always enjoy taking a look, and it is a well received game.

More Pirating goodness here...I didn't bother them to get a rundown on the game, but looks like Pirate Seas is a small fleet on fleet action...looked fun!
Xwing Demo...I unfortunately didn't make it in time for this one...but I was fortunate to get a quick look after their setup...very awesome gaming mat...and the Corvette looks great. 
Rex Brynen's home-brewed Zombie/post-Apocalyptic ruleset...a nice preview as I was able to catch the second gaming of this one on Sunday... 
...perhaps a photo capture of those moments before Reality TV sensation Dick Danger (aka Terry, see link above) is consumed by zombies...RIP Dick...


  1. Awesome ship and beautiful tables, sounds great!!

    1. There were some great looking tables this year...always a treat to see the efforts of the GM's.